The education system and types of qualification issued by the Academy of Fine Arts comprise courses that, under the new Higher Education in Fine Arts, Music and Dance structure, are split up into multiple cycles:

- the first cycle, which requires a senior high school certificate for entry, lasts three years, and leads to a first-level (bachelor’s degree) qualification in “Visual Arts and Entertainment”, in the student’s chosen specialism (180 credits);

- the second cycle comprises two years of specialist professional training, allowing students with a first-level or related degree to complete their studies and achieve a second-level specialist (master’s) degree in “Visual Arts and Entertainment” (120 credits).




Having completed a second-level (master’s degree) qualification, students can finally move on to postgraduate courses (PhDs and specialisation degrees).


The courses share certain characteristics, regardless of the specialism: they are split into experimental laboratory work, a unique feature of studying at an Academy designed to develop students’ individual creativity, and university-level theoretical and critical modules that provide in-depth study of the historical and theoretical basics of art, television and cinema, examining the fields of sociology, economics, aesthetics and history and philosophy of the arts.


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